3 Eagles Who Could Be Traded During NFL Draft

Which Philadelphia Eagles players could be traded during the 2024 NFL Draft?
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2. Dallas Goedert, TE

Alright, let's get into a very hypothetical situation right now.

Let's say the Eagles really like Brock Bowers in this year's draft. We know that Eagles GM Howie Roseman has taken a liking to Georgia players in recent years, and has drafted about 78 of them. If he likes the Georgia program as much as it seems, it stands to reason, then, that he will really like Brock Bowers, who is one of the best prospects the Bulldogs have put out in recent years.

Bowers is listed as a tight end, but he's much more of a featured weapon in the passing game than a true in-line tight end. What if Roseman, armed with multiple second-round picks in this draft, gets a wild hair to move up and select Bowers?

It could mean that a player like Dallas Goedert could be traded if the price is right. The Eagles would have to work out the financials with any team trading for him, but adding Bowers on a rookie deal and shedding the Dallas Goedert contract while taking a bit of a dead money hit in 2024 could be an option on the table for the Eagles.

As good as Goedert has been, his production could be replaced rather easily by someone like Bowers, at least in the passing game. This is a wild idea, obviously, but would you put anything past Roseman?