3 Eagles Starters Who Will Be Replaced in the NFL Draft

Which Philadelphia Eagles starters are about to be replaced in the 2024 NFL Draft?
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3. James Bradberry, CB

If there's one position and player I think you can take to the bank as getting his job taken by a rookie this offseason, it's probably veteran cornerback James Bradberry.

Bradberry was absolutely awful in the 2023 season for the Eagles, and was frankly a huge reason why this team struggled so badly against the pass almost all year long. Philadelphia was thrown on more than any other team in the league (652 times) and they ranked 31st in passing yards allowed as well as 31st in yards per attempt allowed. The Eagles ranked 31st in 3rd down defense, and 31st in the NFL in plays per drive.

In other words, teams were able to have their way with Philadelphia through the air all season long.

Bradberry would have to be a post-June 1 designation as a roster cut, but the Eagles could take him into the NFL Draft as insurance and see what happens. Are they going to be in a position to draft Terrion Arnold of Alabama or Quinyon Mitchell of Toledo? What about Clemson's Nate Wiggins?

Thankfully, Roseman is equipped with two second-round picks if he senses a run on cornerbacks coming, and he would be able to trade up for someone if he so chooses.

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