3 Eagles on the Hot Seat Over the Final Four Games of the Season

After two straight losses, some seats are heating up...
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Overall, it's been a great season for the Philadelphia Eagles. With a record of 10-3 heading into the final stretch run of the 2023 season, there's not much to complain about for the reigning NFC Champions, but there is still undoubtedly room for improvement. The Eagles have lost consecutive games to arguably the two best teams in the NFL -- the 49ers and the Cowboys -- and the most recent one hurts pretty bad.

The Eagles' loss to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 14 dropped them to second place in the NFC East, but with four games left, there's a chance to rebound and get back on top. But if that's going to happen, some players (and coaches) are going to have to start stepping it up. There are a number of names on this Philadelphia Eagles team who need to do better in order to get off the hot seat.

Who will be under the microscope as the Eagles head into their Week 15 matchup on the road against the Seattle Seahawks.

1. Eagles Defensive Front

The Philadelphia Eagles are extremely talented on the defensive front, but they obviously are also pretty porous up there right now as well. Over the course of the last four games, the Eagles are 2-2, but they could easily be 0-4. A big reason for that?

Their run defense.

The Eagles have given up totals of 168, 173, 146, and 138 yards on the ground in their last four games against the Chiefs, Bills, 49ers, and Cowboys. If you're giving up that many yards on the ground, you're obviously not going to win many games. Part of what makes the Eagles so great is playing ball control, running the ball well themselves, and getting out to an early lead to allow their pass rush to do its thing.

Unfortunately, that recipe for success is dashed when you are giving up so many yards on the ground, having to play catch-up, and not able to win the time of possession battle. Defensively, the Eagles rank dead last in plays per drive, which means they are allowing teams to stay on the field way too often. The run defense -- over the last month, at least -- has been a big reason why, and the defensive front is on the hot seat as a result.