3 Eagles Most Likely to Be Traded This Offseason

If the Philadelphia Eagles make any trades this offseason, these are the three players to keep an eye on
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The Philadelphia Eagles made some major changes to their coaching staff this offseason following a collapse at the end of what was once a very promising year. Head coach Nick Sirianni was able to keep his job but they moved on from offensive coordinator Brian Johnson and defensive coordinator Sean Desai. Replacing them will be Kellen Moore on offense and Vic Fangio on defense.

In addition to the coaching changes, the Eagles are likely to try and shake things up on their roster. Overall, they have one of the more talented teams in the NFL but something just didn't seem to click as 2023 went along. With that being said, here are three players who could find themselves available via trade.

3. James Bradberry, Cornerback

By now, most Eagles fans have expressed frustration with the performance of James Bradberry. The former New York Giants defensive back just finished his second season in Philly and had more struggles than any other defensive player on this team.

Opposing teams went after him constantly and were rewarded often — like the Seattle Seahawks who had a game-winning drive where every completion was against Bradberry. That's led to a belief that he can't be on the team in 2024. Of course, a new defensive coordinator might offer a more favorable scheme, which would be ideal since there's not a ton of cap savings to be had by trading Bradberry.

But if Vic Fangio doesn't think there's any chance Bradberry can turn it around, he's a player who could be shopped. He's still talented enough to make it work elsewhere and perhaps a fresh start is all he needs.