3 Defensive Coordinator Eagles Need to Hire for 2024 Turnaround

Struggling to stop the pass? Al Harris, Cowboys Secondary Coach, could be the solution for the Philadelphia Eagles defense.
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The writing was on the wall when Matt Patricia replaced him during the season but the Philadelphia Eagles finally made it official and fired Sean Desai. They will apparently keep Patricia around (for some reason) but he’s not going to be the new defensive coordinator.

That means they’ll be looking for a replacement, and it won’t be an easy task for whoever takes the job. The Eagles defense was a mess throughout the season and only seemed to get worse. Still, there aren’t too many of these jobs available so they’ll have several suitors to choose from. Here are three coaches they would be wise to consider during the process.

Dennard Wilson, Baltimore Ravens Secondary Coach

Ahead of the 2023 season, Dennard Wilson was a name being circulated as a potential defensive coordinator for the Eagles. A former NFL safety, he spent time with the St. Louis/L.A. Rams and the New York Jets before joining the staff in Philly where he was beloved by the players.

In 2021, he was the defensive backs coach and then added passing game coordinator to his duties in 2022. When the Eagles went with Desai as the coordinator, Wilson headed for Baltimore where he coached defensive backs once again.

Wilson has done a great job with the Ravens and is a name to watch as teams look for their next defensive coordinator. The Eagles would be wise to see about bringing him back since they already know he’s a solid coach. His experience with a dominant Ravens coaching staff only makes him a more attractive hire.