3 Best Brian Johnson Replacements for Eagles Offensive Coordinator

Who could replace Brian Johnson as the Philadelphia Eagles' offensive coordinator?
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3. Frank Reich

It was about as awful of a first year as a head coach as anyone could have possibly expected for Frank Reich with the Carolina Panthers.

On paper, it looked like they did just about everything right. Reich hired an all-star staff to join him in Carolina. They emphasized the running game on their coaching staff and in free agency to presumably support a young QB. They traded up to get the #1 overall pick and had their choice at the position.

Unfortunately, it looks like they may have chosen wrong. Bryce Young struggled horribly as a rookie while CJ Stroud was unbelievable. And ownership for the Panthers obviously didn't like what they saw. Reich was canned during the season as a result, and is now looking for work.

Nick Sirianni's job is on the line this season in Philadelphia. How big of a risk can he take when it comes to picking his next offensive coordinator? I think he could very well turn to his old pal Reich, someone he's worked for in the past and respects a great deal. When your back is against the wall, you often turn to what you know.

Although Reich may not be the hottest candidate in the world right now, he's a sensible one for Sirianni and the Eagles, especially with Sirianni on the hot seat in 2024.

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