3 Best Brian Johnson Replacements for Eagles Offensive Coordinator

Who could replace Brian Johnson as the Philadelphia Eagles' offensive coordinator?
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2. Kliff Kingsbury

I think it would be fascinating to see Kliff Kingsbury to return to the NFL, especially because his value seems to have rehabbed itself a little bit.

The former head coach of the Arizona Cardinals was working for Lincoln Riley at USC this past season, coaching up the quarterback position and eventual #1 overall pick Caleb Williams. Kingsbury has worked with all sorts of QBs throughout his coaching career including Kyler Murray, Baker Mayfield, and Patrick Mahomes. Adding Caleb Williams to that list is certainly a notch on his belt.

And Kingsbury could work well with someone like Jalen Hurts.

in Arizona, Kingsbury had some success when it came to setting up Kyler Murray right away as a rookie. Perhaps the Eagles would look at the way Kingsbury built an offense for such a dynamic dual-threat at the position and believe that it could very well happen again.

The Chicago Bears and the Pittsburgh Steelers have reached out to Kingsbury at this point. Don't be shocked to see the Eagles be added to that list in the near future.