3 76ers on the Trade Block This Offseason

The Philadelphia 76ers will be active and aggressive this offseason. Here are three players they can use in a trade this summer.
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Tobias Harris

Well, Harris technically can't be on the trade block because his contract is expiring this summer and he is unlikely to return to Philadelphia.

However, he can still be used in a trade by the Sixers. Harris made over $39 million for the 2023-24 season and he will make far less than that in his next contract. Considering that the Sixers have more cap space than almost every team in the league this offseason, they also have the ability to give Harris more money than most teams can.

This means that Harris can be used in a sign-and-trade situation. If a team with limited cap space wants to bring Harris in as a free agent, the Sixers can facilitate that in exchange for assets or players.

Obviously, if a team with cap space like the Detroit Pistons or the Utah Jazz wants to sign Harris outright, they don't need to make a trade with Philadelphia. However, the number of teams who are targeting Harris in free agency might be limited, opening the door for a potential sign-and-trade.

Despite being overpaid and regularly scapegoated, Harris is not a bad player. He is an all-around forward who can do everything at an average level. He can score, shoot, pass, and defend. He is more of a $20 million per year kind of player as opposed to the max contract he was getting from the Sixers.

Even on the off chance that Harris is back with Philly for another season, he will still likely be used as a trade chip at some point during his contract.