3 76ers on the Trade Block This Offseason

The Philadelphia 76ers will be active and aggressive this offseason. Here are three players they can use in a trade this summer.
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The Philadelphia 76ers are going big fish hunting this summer. All signs point to general manager Daryl Morey being aggressive to add a third star next to Tyrese Maxey and Joel Embiid. The Sixers will have an excellent opportunity to do so.

Morey is in a fascinating situation this offseason. The Sixers basically have no salaries on their books outside of Joel Embiid. They will have to construct a roster from scratch, re-signing their own key players like Maxey while chasing free agents and trade targets. This also means that they don't have too many trade assets on their roster outside of draft picks but here are three players likely to be moved by the Sixers.

Paul Reed

Reed is one of the only Sixers not named Embiid who has some guaranteed money on the books for next season. The 24-year-old big man has a non-guaranteed salary of $7.7 million for the 2024-25 campaign. The Sixers will likely choose to guarantee the full amount since Reed is a capable backup center.

He will also be the only matching salary the Sixers have in potential trades. This makes him a likely trade candidate because Philly could attach their draft picks to Reed's salary to pull off trades on the market.

Reed is a good backup and has performed admirably in Embiid's absence over the years. Knowing Daryl Morey, however, he will not leave any stone unturned. If that means sacrificing Reed even for a minor upgrade, he will not hesitate to do it.