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3 Reasons the Phillies are Built to Win the World Series

3 reasons the Phillies are built to win the World Series: Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports
3 reasons the Phillies are built to win the World Series: Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports /
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3. We’ve Been Here Before

While several players like Turner and Strahm weren’t on the roster last year, for the most part this is the same team that made it to the World Series last fall.

That means these guys are a band of brothers who know what it means to battle. They barely made the playoffs in 2022 as the last wild card team, then went on a run and nearly won the whole damn thing. They didn’t care that they were underdogs or that some people thought they didn’t belong.

They got valuable postseason experience, too, and while they didn’t go all the way, now they’re ready. They’re also hungry after coming so close last year, only to fall just short.

It’s not uncommon for a team to win the World Series a year after losing it. The Astros just did, after all, at our expense last year.

We’re more talented, more rested and more experienced than last year. We’re healthier, too, which always helps.

The Phillies have unfinished business, and over the last few months they’ve played like a team on a mission. They’re getting hot at the right time, and they’re ready to do some damage.

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