3 Reasons the NFL Must Ban Eagles’ ‘Tush Push’ QB Sneak

Why the NFL must ban Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles' secret weapon. (Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images)
Why the NFL must ban Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles' secret weapon. (Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images) /

The NFL is facing a crisis. The Philadelphia Eagles keep scoring 1-yard touchdowns and converting 3rd-and-1 and 4th-and-1 scenarios by pushing Jalen Hurts forward with a quarterback sneak that no defense can stop.

It’s crystal clear that the NFL needs to put an end to this before it gets even further out of hand, and here are the key reasons why.

Reasons to Ban Eagles’ QB Sneak

1. Asking defenses to stop a hard play isn’t fair

Will somebody please think of the defensive tackles? Those guys have a tough job at the best of times, and they rarely get much recognition for their efforts in the middle of the defensive line.

And now they have to worry about an opponent running a play that’s incredibly hard to stop? Come on.

Eagles opponents are already forced to do battle with the best offensive line in football. They’re getting beat up and worn down all game. And then, after making what feels like a strong stop and holding Philly to 4th and 1, they’re asked to make the most difficult stop of the game? Talk about discouraging.

It would make things a lot more fair if the Eagles would run a play that was easier to stop. Push Hurts back into the shotgun. Heck, take him off the field altogether. Emergency third QB Tanner McKee should have to go in on these short-yardage plays.

Anything to give opposing defenses a fighting chance.

2. It’s not fair that the Eagles are so much better at it than everyone else

The most unfair part of the ‘tush push’ is easily that other teams can’t run it as well as the Eagles.

Others have looked at the play assumed it’s good for an automatic yard, and put it into their own playbooks. But then they made a horrible discovery.

The play is not automatic. You need to be good at running it to succeed, but they’re not. Why should Philadelphia get to run a play that some other teams aren’t good enough to run themselves?

How is this fair?

We need every team in the NFL to play down to the level of the weakest competition to maintain competitive balance.

Hurts can’t run a QB sneak if other quarterbacks can’t do it. A.J. Brown shouldn’t get to run over defensive backs when smaller receivers can’t. Jalen Carter needs to stop pulling off pass-rush moves that other defensive tackles aren’t athletic enough for. Keep things fair.

3. The Eagles aren’t everyone’s favorite team

It’s obvious that nobody would complain about this play if it was their favorite team running it. It’s fun when your team finds something they’re really good at, and it’s especially fun when it’s something new and unique.

But you know what’s not fun?

When that happens for another team — especially a rival.

So this play leaves 31 fanbases out in the cold.

How can the league afford to alienate such a huge portion of its audience? The NFL must do something here. Either more of these fans need to get on the Eagles’ bandwagon, or the NFL must ban this play. Otherwise, there will simply be too many people complaining, and that’s just way too annoying to deal with every Sunday.

So there you have it. The three best arguments to ban the ‘tush push’ are simply impossible to argue with.

Everyone can agree that until the NFL can answer any of these concerns, they must ban the play.

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