Why the Eagles-Phillies Fan Feud is Totally Ridiculous

The feud between Eagles fans and Phillies fans is totally ridiculous: Robert Edwards-USA TODAY Sports
The feud between Eagles fans and Phillies fans is totally ridiculous: Robert Edwards-USA TODAY Sports /

Philadelphia sports fans are known for their hostility, and apparently that hostility extends to other Philly sports fans as well.

Eagles fans and Phillies fans have been going at it lately, and as you might expect, their reasons for fighting each other are completely ridiculous.

Eagles Fans vs. Phillies Fans

Phillies fans took offense that people in the crowd were spelling out “E-A-G-L-E-S” as a chant at Citizens Bank Park during Philly’s weekend homestand against the Marlins.

With the NFL season kicking off on Sunday, Philly fans were understandably excited about the start of the season, especially with the Eagles coming off of a Super Bowl appearance last year.

Baseball fans can be snobby, however, and did not appreciate the name of a football team being chanted at a baseball game, even though they both play for the same city. Apparently, some Phillies fans think that fans should only root for the team that’s actually playing the game in front of them.

Eagles fans have responded by saying that if a “Phillies” chant existed, they would have no problem yelling it at Eagles home games.

So yeah, this whole thing is pretty silly. Does spelling the name of a football team at a baseball game make sense? Not really. But do I have a problem with it? No, especially since it’s the name of your football team.

If fans were chanting “Giants” or “Cowboys”, that would be a different story. But they weren’t —they were just trying to show some hometown pride, and I don’t have much of an issue with that.

So please, Phillies and Eagles fans, stop fighting. Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love, after all, and we all love our teams deeply. Let’s not pit them against each other.

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