Nick Sirianni Refuses to Stoop to Jonathan Gannon’s Level

Nick Sirianni played coy in Tuesday's press conference, refusing to name a stating safety. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Nick Sirianni played coy in Tuesday's press conference, refusing to name a stating safety. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports /

It seems like Jonathan Gannon was worried fans Eagles didn’t hate him enough. After blowing the Super Bowl while already interviewing (contrary to league rules) for a future head coaching job, Gannon decided to also take some shots in an interview this week. That included remarking that he called for Sirianni to give up playcalling duties in 2021.

Well, there’s a reason he’s not in Philly any more and Nick Sirianni is. A class-act despite the shot, Sirianni had a very professional response when asked about the report:

It’s Week 1. The focus should be on Sunday, not on past seasons.

Let Gannon live in the past. It’s not like his Arizona Cardinals have any hope of competing in 2022 anyway. If anything, Gannon is just burning bridges for when he’s inevitably fired and needs to find another defensive coordinator job.

Sirianni, on the other hand, refuses to let interviews dwell on the past this week. He’s looking ahead to Sunday’s meeting with the New England Patriots. Even in what should be a blowout win, Sirianni refuses to let off-field drama cloud the goal at hand.

Which attitude seems more like the kind you need to win a Super Bowl? Which coach had a positive impact on a near Super Bowl win? Which coach has another shot and is considered a favorite to win the Super Bowl in 2023?

Honestly, this situation tells you everything you need to know about Gannon and how different he is from Sirianni.

Eagles fans were pissed at Gannon after the Super Bowl, for sure. But when he left for a totally irrelevant franchise, he immediately fell off the radar in Philly. Nobody was even thinking about him, much less talking about him, by the time August rolled around.

Why Gannon decided he wanted to hop back into the spotlight and stir the pot is beyond me. I have no idea how he thought it would work out,. Did he think he would come across as a winner, or as the sympathetic character in this scenario? If so, his judgement is even worse than we thought.

Anyway, do you know who has the second-best odds to win Super Bowl 58, and who has the second-worst odds? Do you know which team is projected for three times as many wins as the other? The sportsbooks have those answers:

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