3 Reasons the Eagles Will Blow Out the Patriots in Week 1

3 reasons the Eagles will dominate the Patriots in Week 1.
3 reasons the Eagles will dominate the Patriots in Week 1. /
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3. The Tom Brady Effect

As you may have heard, the Patriots are going to honor Tom Brady with a halftime ceremony on Sunday.

Even if New England doesn’t want to admit it, Brady’s return is a major distraction for the organization. It’s all anyone can talk about and is drawing major media attention.

Accordingly, don’t expect the Patriots to be 100% focused on this game. Belichick, O’Brien and his former teammates will all have Brady on their mind to some degree and have been answering questions about him all week.

Brady’s presence could also cause the home crowd to turn on the Pats given how little success they’ve had without him. If Jones struggles, expect fans to let him hear it with “We want Brady” chants.

Belichick has usually done a good job of shielding his players from distractions in the past, but this one is inescapable. Having Brady in the building is a huge deal, and it should work in our favor.

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