Jonathan Gannon Admits What Eagles Fans Knew All Along About Super Bowl Loss

Jonathan Gannon spoke out about the Eagles' Super Bowl loss. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Jonathan Gannon spoke out about the Eagles' Super Bowl loss. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

There may have been nobody less popular in Philadelphia than Jonathan Gannon after the Eagles’ Super Bowl 57 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs Chiefs. Fans were thrilled to see him leave for the Arizona Cardinals head coaching job. People in Philly knew full well that Gannon was to blame for that loss.

And now Gannon himself has admitted it. Kind of.

Gannon was being sarcastic in the interview (some context that is completely missed in the firs Tweet above), but if anything that makes it worst. First of all, you wouldn’t be making sarcastic comments like that if you weren’t worried deep down that there was some amount of truth to it. Second, when you absolutely do carry a significant portion of the blame for a major loss, maybe you should use a little more self-reflection and a little less sarcasm.

To start with, it’s not hard to see the in-game reasons that Gannon cost us the game.

Patrick Mahomes was playing on one leg and still went 21-of-27 passing with three touchdowns, not even being sacked once while adding 44 rushing yards.

The Chiefs scored on every single drive in the second half, with three touchdowns and a field goal.

The Eagles’ offense was terrific, but Gannon’s defense was completely incapable of doing anything to slow down the Chiefs. Those 35 points are the most ever scored by a losing team in a Super Bowl.

But it even goes beyond Gannon’s poor gameplan and awful in-game decisions.

Gannon was taking phone calls about a head coaching gig immediately after the NFC Championship. The Cardinals’ tampering case confirmed that rather than having his full attention on Super Bowl prep, Gannon was getting a jump-start on his quest to become an NFL head coach.

Doing one or the other would be bad enough.

Winning a Super Bowl covers up just about everything, but even if that had happened Philly fans wouldn’t have been quick to forget Gannon’s lack of focus. They’d be rightfully unhappy about the me-first approach.

And even if Gannon was laser focused, there’s no way he’d be forgiven for the absolutely awful defensive performance. Giving up 221 yards and 24 points in the second half alone is just completely unacceptable, especially when your defense has as much talent as the Eagles’.

It will be a breath of fresh air having Sean Desai as the new defensive coordinator in 2023, and while he’s young and unproven, he’s already a heck of a lot more popular than Gannon.

Of course, that attitude can change quickly if things go south. Desai’s defense has all the talent in the world, and anything short of elite production out of them will lead to some early finger-pointing.

As for Gannon, all indications are that his Cardinals are absolutely doomed in 2023, and Eagles fans are going to be mighty happy to watch it happen.

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