Jalen Hurts MVP Odds Make Disrespectful Cowboys Comparison

Jalen Hurts' NFL MVP odds for 2023 are totally disrespectful.
Jalen Hurts' NFL MVP odds for 2023 are totally disrespectful. /

Jalen Hurts was No. 2 in NFL MVP voting last season, in what was only the 25-year-old’s second season as an NFL starter. After showing major improvements again in training camp and having a similar supporting cast around him, surely he’s no worse than second in the odds to win NFL MVP this season, right?

Jalen Hurts MVP Odds

You would think, but instead the betting markets are being straight-up disrespectful, and Jalen Hurts’ MVP odds have him ranked just fifth at +1200 on FanDuel Sportsbook.

This doesn’t make sense on just about any level.

Even if we ignoring the rankings, those +1200 odds mean he only has an implied probability of 7.7% to win MVP this year (even before factoring in the Sportsbook’s margin, so that means they’re actually only projecting something closer to like 6 or 7%).

You know what’s even worse?

FanDuel is giving almost the same implied probability for the Dallas Cowboys winning the Super Bowl (7.1%, +1300) as they are for Jalen Hurts to win MVP. How can they do that with a straight face?

Hurts is playing behind the same elite offensive line he was last year. He’s throwing to the same elite duo of wide receivers. The Eagles are positioned to be just as successful with just as elite a defense as they had last year.

And his backfield might even be better-suited to building an MVP case, as he has a top receiving back in D’Andre Swift after dealing with a poor receiver in Miles Sanders last year.

So this disrespect can’t have anything to do with the talent around him.

Maybe Hurts is having a shaky offseason and his 2022 success was a bit of a fluke?

Nope, he’s had the best training camp of his career, according to Eagles beat writers.

Maybe the Eagles are just expected to regress and it’s a hard sell to have an MVP on a team with a mediocre record?

Nope, the Eagles have the third-best odds to have the best record in the NFL.

So where in the world would you get the idea that Jalen Hurts has less than an 8% chance to win NFL MVP?


But you know what, the disrespect isn’t all bad. The disrespect means Eagles fans get a 12-to-1 payout if he does win MVP. And FanDuel Sportsbook’s promo makes that opportunity even sweeter.

If you sign up through the exclusive Section 215 link below and put at least $5 on Hurts, you’ll get a guaranteed $200 bonus PLUS a $100 discount on NFL Sunday Ticket — and both of those things are yours even if he doesn’t win the award. And then if he does, your $5 bet would add another $60 of winnings to your account.

This offer won’t last long though, and neither will the opportunity to get such long odds on Hurts. When he beats up on the Patriots in Week 1 you can expect him to quickly take a jump in the MVP rankings. Cash in now before it’s too late!

Game odds refresh periodically and are subject to change.