Phillies Failed at Hiding Embarrassing Trea Turner Update on Twitter

The Phillies tried to hide an embarrassing Trae Turner update on Twitter, but they failed miserably.
The Phillies tried to hide an embarrassing Trae Turner update on Twitter, but they failed miserably. /

One of the worst parts of last night’s loss to the Marlins was Trea Turner going 0-for-5, marking his fifth time going hitless in his last eight games and bringing his batting average to .237 on the season.

The Phillies have finally decided to bury him at the bottom of the lineup, and our $300 million man will be hitting out of the eight hole on Thursday afternoon.

The team thought they could bury this by hyping up Michael Lorenzen’s first start on Twitter, but fans weren’t having any of it.

Phillies Lineup vs Marlins Today

Just look at some of those replies:

  • “300 million for an 8 hole omg”
  • “Is it Trea’s first start? I don’t think he’s shown up yet”
  • “Also someone’s last start as a phillie (hint: he’s batting 8th today)”
  • “I cannot believe that Turner is in the lineup today. This is managerial malpractice.”

Phillies fans are absolutely fed up with Turner. And can you blame them? Nearly a .300 hitter for his career, Turner hasn’t even managed a .300 on-base percentage this season, and his entire .237/.291/.370 slash line feature his worst marks since at least his 2015 rookie campaign.

At least we’ve finally moved him down in the lineup, but even having him out there today seems like it might be the wrong choice. I don’t know if he’s banged up or just in a total slump, but at this point it really doesn’t seem like something he’s going to just play his way out of without mixing something up. Maybe the reduced pressure of batting eighth will help?

Either way, the Phillies are still (very slight) favorites on Thursday as we look to avoid being overtaken by the Marlins in the NL East standings.

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