3 Eagles Ready to Break Out in 2023

Jordan Davis' Eagles breakout will be the key to bringing Philadelphia a Super Bowl.
Jordan Davis' Eagles breakout will be the key to bringing Philadelphia a Super Bowl. /
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Being a Super Bowl contender and developing young talent can be a tough balance to strike, but the Eagles are doing it as well as anyone we’ve seen in recent years. Philly was one of the league’s 10 youngest teams last season, but still came painfully close to winning a Super Bowl.

That should have the entire league on notice. Not only did Philly avoid losing many key pieces in free agency, but they’ve also got a ton of young talent continuing to develop toward their prime.

These three Eagles are ready for true breakout seasons in 2023, and they’ll be a big part of why the Eagles find themselves in Super Bowl contention again.

Eagles Breakout Predictions 2023

1. Jalen Carter

If you think it’s too early to predict Jalen Carter as a breakout star, then you might want to take a look at my case for him winning Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Carter spent much of the offseason as the No. 1 ranked prospect on many analysts’ big boards, and it felt like a miracle when he fell to Philly at No. 9.

There’s always some room for concern that a player is falling for good reasons that fans just don’t know about, but all indications out of the Eagles’ organization so far are that Carter is living all the way up to the pre-draft hype.

It’s so much easier for a rookie to step in and make an impact on an established defense than to try and single-handedly anchor one (a big part of why I like Carter winning DROY over Will Anderson), and that’s going to allow Carter’s talents to shine right from the jump.