3 Reasons Jalen Hurts Will Win MVP in 2023

Why Jalen Hurts is a great bet to win MVP in 2023.
Why Jalen Hurts is a great bet to win MVP in 2023. /
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Every year it’s getting harder and harder for the Jalen Hurts haters to find new angles to discredit him. And at this point it feels like the only ammunition they have left are incredibly loft standards like “he hasn’t won a Super Bowl” or “he’s never been named MVP.”

Obviously he doesn’t need those accomplishments to solidify his status as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, but they sure wouldn’t hurt.

And after truly breaking out in 2022, now’s the time that he takes the next step in 2023. An MVP award could be on the horizon.

Betting markets have him ranked just number five in the odds to win MVP in the upcoming season, paying out at better than 10-to-1.

That makes him an absolute no-brainer to bet, and I’ve got three big reasons why.

Jalen Hurts’ MVP Case

1. Playcalling Will Let Hurts Post Huge Numbers

One issue that can make it hard for a quarterback who posts impressive rushing numbers to win QB is what the playcalling looks like. Teams are often trying to rein in an urge to have their quarterback as a top rushing option, but an elite ground attack also makes it harder to go to the air often.

The Eagles take the right approach though, getting Hurts as heavily involved as possible.

Last season not only saw the Eagles make a small jump in the pass play percentage rankings (from least pass-heavy in 2021 to fourth-least despite regularly playing in run-heavy game flows in 2022), but also saw Hurts up his rushing volume from 9.3 to 11.0 attempts per game.

With another offseason building chemistry with AJ Brown and DaVonte Smith on the outside plus dealing with a new group in the backfield, we can expect to see Hurts put up even more volume through the air without taking away from his rushing volume. That will give him every opportunity he needs to put up the elite stats that will drive an MVP win.