Section 215’s Best Philly Betting Picks for 7/21 (Perfect Spot for Kyle Schwarber)

The best Philadelphia sports betting pick on Friday involves backing Kyle Schwarber in a perfect spot.
The best Philadelphia sports betting pick on Friday involves backing Kyle Schwarber in a perfect spot. /

July always feels like the calm before the storm. Baseball is the only major sport in season and NFL training camps aren’t quite here. But in just a couple months we’ll have everything in full swing, with that beautiful time of year where MLB, NBA and NFL action all overlap.

Bracing ourselves for that rush, the Section 215 team is getting some load management on Friday, so you’re just getting a lone betting pick from yours truly tonight. But I’ve found one I’m pretty excited about.

Here’s my top Philly sports betting pick for Friday.

Best Philadelphia Betting Picks: July 21

Jason Schandl: Kyle Schwarber to Hit a Home Run

Gavin Williams is set to take the mound for the Cleveland Guardians tonight, and that’s a great matchup for the Phillies. His 3.94 ERA may not look like anything too shabby, but there’s a specific way we can target his biggest weakness with a bet.

The 23-year-old righty has pitched well for someone of his experience, but there’s something about his game so far that has made him an absolute mess against left-handed bats.

The 68 lefties he’s faced have beat hm up for a .236/.368/.473 slash line, compared to a .216/.212/.333 slash against 52 same-side bats. He’s walked almost as many lefties (11) as he’s struck out (12), and he’s getting cracked for a 36.4% hard-hit and 40.9% fly-ball rate while only forcing 6.8% soft contact. So he struggles with control against them, and he gives up a bunch of hard fly balls. Sound like a recipe for anything in particular?

Kyle Schwarber isn’t slugging quite as well as we saw last season, but he’s still got 26 home runs and a .255 isolated slugging (ISO) number to his name. He’s also a guy with some pretty dramatic platoon splits over his career.

Schwarber has posted just a .178 ISO against southpaws but a huge .291 mark against right-handed pitching. He also sees a nice jump in both fly-ball rate (44.2%) and hard-hit rate (40.3%) when facing righties.

This spot lines up beautifully for Schwarber to do serious damage, and even if he doesn’t you can cash in on FanDuel. Their exclusive new-user offer will pay out a $100 bonus whether he goes yard or not as long as you sign up through the Section 215 link and wager at least $5. Plus if he does hit a home run then your bet will cash out like usual, awarding your winnings as well as the added $100 bonus!

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