The dream Philadelphia Phillies starting rotation for the 2023 season

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The Philadelphia Phillies will look to take one extra step and win the 2023 World Series. One way to do this is to not go into the World Series with only two starting pitchers they trust.

This offseason, while also looking at the offense, the Phillies need to address the starting rotation. They also have a large part of the bullpen to build. That’s a little tougher to dream about because of how fickle reliever can be.

The dream Phillies starting lineup includes many of the same names. So does the dream Phillies starting rotation. In this dream rotation, we do add a little more firepower. It should be enough to take down the Houston Astros or any other foe they might encounter.

The dream Phillies starting rotation begins with Zack Wheeler

There aren’t too many pitchers the Phillies could realistically acquire that are better than Zack Wheeler. Phillies fans are okay with him being at the top of the rotation. He has proven himself.

Now 30-19 with a 2.82 ERA in 69 starts for the Phillies, the only debate would be whether it’s him or someone else in this dream rotation that should start on Opening Day. Wheeler can get the nod. He wasn’t able to start for them on Opening Day in 2022. It’s his turn.

In the penultimate year of his deal with the Phillies, they will once again ask him to be in the Cy Young race. If not for injuries, he would have been there again in 2022.

After Wheeler, our dream Phillies starting rotation goes outside the organization. It’s someone all fans are eager to see come to Philadelphia.

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