Philadelphia Eagles: Quincy Williams’ fine will vindicate Nick Sirianni

(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)
(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images) /

When New York Jets linebacker Quincy Williams hit Jalen Hurts going out of bounds during the Philadelphia Eagles’ opening offensive drive of the 2022 NFL preseason, it got Nick Sirianni fired the heck up.

Call it standing up for his player, call it being angry that an opposing player would cheapshot the most important player on his team and thus throw the entire 2022 season into disaray, but Sirianni’s reaction was borderline priceless and fully ingratiated the second-year head coach to his adoptive city even more than some even thought possible.

Sidebar: What? You didn’t see the video of Sirianni shouting the line “This is Bullsh*t” on the sideline? If not, check it out here; it’s great.

Well, fortunately for Sirianni, his anger was vindicated, as the NFL agreed with his sentiment that the hit was uncalled for and just levied a substantial fine at Quinnen Williams’ older brother for his poor decision-making.

Williams’ hit has changed the Philadelphia Eagles’ plans moving forward.

Hurts has been on fire during the Eagles’ joint practice with the Cleveland Browns. On Sunday, he went 10-19 with no picks but six touchdowns, and the connection between A.J. Brown and his long-time friend already appears to be in mid-season form.

Surely fans are beyond excited to see the Eagles’ first-team offense firing on all cylinders once more, as their initial run with the Jets was fantastic, but unfortunately, that won’t happen this weekend, or next weekend, up until the team takes the field against the Detroit Lions in Week 1.

Why? Well, does anyone want to see Hurts, Miles Sanders, Lane Johnson, or any of the team’s other top players take a cheap hit of their own and see their season come to a premature end before it could even start? Yeah, no one wants that.

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Had the older Wilson brother not given Jalen Hurts the business against the Jets, who knows, maybe the first-team offense would have played the second offensive drive of the game following Kyzir White‘s interception and given fans a second thing to cheer about. Instead, Sirianni played it safe and was rewarded for his decision by avoiding any injuries among the starters, who were hanging out on the bench instead of duking it out in the trenches. Even if the next few weeks aren’t as exciting as a result, this is the right call for the Philadelphia Eagles.