Phillies rumors: Nationals wanted Philadelphia involved in Juan Soto trade

Juan Soto to the Philadelphia Phillies was never going to happen. We could only be so lucky that Philadelphia even had the prospects to make it happen. However, according to some post-trade deadline Phillies rumors, the Washington Nationals were hopeful to at least invite Philadelphia to the table in the final trade.

Soto ended up going to the San Diego Padres for a haul of prospects that also sent Josh Bell Westbound and Down. There was no three-team deal but these Phillies rumors could at least suggest a future move in the works.

The reason the Nationals wanted the Phillies involved so badly comes down to one player, Andrew Painter. The highly-regarded Phillies pitching prospect has apparently caught the eye of Mike Rizzo, the GM in D.C., enough where we should expect if there ever was a major leaguer on their roster available worthy of trading Painter for that they’d consider it.

Phillies rumors: The Nationals really like pitching prospect Andrew Painter

Prior to the Soto trade, there weren’t any major Phillies rumors about them landing a superstar anywhere near his caliber. It just wasn’t what they needed. What they managed to do instead was far more expected. Noah Syndergaard joined the rotation as a number three or four option when at his best. Brandon Marsh gave them a center field option. Maybe the best addition of all, David Robertson helps secure the bullpen. There is also Edmundo Sosa whose addition can go easily overlooked.

The Phillies could have traded Painter for a big addition. As Tim Kelly of Phillies Nation suggests, Carlos Rodon of the San Francisco Giants might have been a player in a three-team deal involving Soto for Philadelphia to target.

Holding onto Painter through the trade deadline could mean the Phillies are committed to him. In his professional career which spans just 21 starts, Painter has already created a masterpiece. He is 4-1 with 1.11 ERA and striking out batters at a rate of 14.4 per 9 innings.

Any potential future Phillies rumors involving Painter are going to need to include more than a rental like Rodon. The guy is young. The guy is good. Phillies fans better hope the organization treats him right and, for a change, develops him.

Painter won’t be available to fruits of the currently constructed team. However, he is an obvious replacement in the future for Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler. Unfortunately, the crossover will be short-lived if it happens at all.

As far as trades with the Nationals go, let’s put those Phillies rumors on hold.