RGIII has high praise for his former division rival Philadelphia Eagles

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There was a time in the not-too-distant past when Robert Griffin III was one of the least popular players among fans in the City of Brotherly Love.

He was considered a blue chip talent, an electrifying offensive dynamo who might have just revolutionized the quarterback position forever, and, because he played for the team now known as the Washington Commanders, he was not too popular with Philly fans who had to watch their favorite team go toe-to-toe with him twice a year.

While his career didn’t quite go as planned, as the injury bug rapidly started to derail his career after one of the best rookie seasons of all time, RGIII has remained a fixture of the NFL world both for his time with the Cleveland Browns and eventually the Baltimore Ravens and for his newfound career as a broadcaster – a career that began with a bidding war for his services. The former Baylor Bear has a wealth of experience in the sport, and his dare-I-say Romo-esque ability to distill complicated information down for the layman instantly elevated him to an elite echelon of pundits who can have their knowledge and share it too.

So naturally, when RGIII decided to deliver some unsolicited praise to the Philadelphia Eagles, fans should be pretty darn excited about it, as even a decade later, the former second-overall pick is still likely a big-time fan of another team in the NFC East.

RGIII sees something special in the Philadelphia Eagles.

On paper, Jalen Hurts and RGIII have a lot in common. They’re both collegiate standouts, were featured prominently in the Heisman conversation- with the latter winning it – and entered the NFL with a wide variety of different opinions on their pro prospects based on their individual style of play.

Sure, RGIII had a “bigger arm,” and was considered the better prospect, but Hurts’ first year as a full-time starter (2021) was actually fairly comparable to his predecessor’s (2012), with the former throwing for 56 more yards and rushing for 31 more too. If Griffin thinks Hurts has something special, then that praise is noteworthy, because no one knows that particular style of play better than one of the players who originated it.

And yet, RGIII’s comments, at least not this time, weren’t on Jalen Hurts (read a previous tweet about Hurts here). No, this time, Griffin decided to complement his former division rival’s roster construction, namely the strength of their defensive line.

Now tell me, where is the lie?

Now, if you’ve been reading up on the Birds this offseason, especially here at Section 215, you’ll know that Howie Roseman has built a deep set of lines with incredible top-end talent and enough depth to weather the injuries that pop up during any NFL season. They have Pro Bowl talent all over the board, former top-60 picks filling backup roles for both units, and enough young, developmental talent to keep the pipeline working for years to come.

Even with no guarantee that the team’s talent reaches the same height as their 2018 run – the Super Bowl was in 2018, but it was actually the 2017 season, RGIII – the framework is very much there for a solid run.

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Will the Philadelphia Eagles be able to replicate their storybook run from 2017 in 2022?  Or will Jalen Hurts prove ill-equipped to be the starting quarterback on a team with championship aspirations? Either way, Howie Roseman has put the infrastructure in place to at least make it a topic worthy of legitimate conversation among fans and former division rivals alike.