Philadelphia Eagles: 3 offensive training camp players with the most to lose

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It’s here, it’s finally here: Philadelphia Eagles training camp.

That’s right, all of the hype will be tested, the energized potential will become kinetic, and fans will finally find out if the Birds are back or if their rebuild still needs a few more pieces before it can truly again reach 2017’s level of success.

No pressure, right?

These Philadelphia Eagles have the most to lose in training camp.

On paper, the Eagles are in a much better place this season than last; they have a proven, playoff-caliber head coach, a quarterback with double-digit starts on his resume, and a generally improved roster with very few obvious holes across the depth chart. Factor in Howie Roseman’s pension for pulling off swing for the fences trades big and small, and the prospects of Philly entering the regular season with much higher expectations than the season prior are justified.

But as any football fan most assuredly knows, for one player to break out, sign a massive free agent deal, or be acquired via trade, another has to lose their spot, be that in the starting lineup, on the depth chart, or on the roster as a whole. Every dream that comes true leads to another that is at the very least altered, and the prospects of recovering from such a setback can quite literally derail a career.

So, as the NovaCare Center gets ready to rumble, the question has to be asked: Which members of the Philadelphia Eagles, specifically on the offensive side of the ball, have the most to lose this summer?