Philadelphia 76ers: 3 players on the Utah Jazz worth trading for

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4. Bojan Bogdanovic

What, a secret fourth entrant on a “3 players” list? Is that even allowed? Do you know what? This is my list, this is the internet; there are no rules, so let’s roll.

On a basic level, Bojan Bogdanovic is the exact type of player the Philadelphia 76ers should target if they are going to move off of Tobias Harris; he’s a consistently upper-teens scorer, a prolific 3-point shooter in terms of attempts, and an above-average scorer in terms of completion percentage from deep (39.2) and around the hoop (65.5) as a cutter. Is he a good defender? No, Bogdanovic is Harris-esque. Is he a supreme athlete who will dazzle fans with his skywalking? Nope, Harris is probably the better athlete of the two, but at only $19.3 million on an expiring contract, Bogdanovic costs a good $18 million less this season and, at worst, could be a short-term replacement if things don’t quite work out or be a long-term piece moving forward on a multi-year extension.

Factor in the ability to add either Beverly and/or Clarkson to a deal that includes Bogdanovic, and the prospects of trading away the team’s highest-paid players for a pair of playoff rotation-caliber performers could supercharge Philly’s depth and position the team for success in the short-to-intermediate term while Tyrese Maxey is still on a value-contract.

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