Philadelphia Eagles: Trading Andre Dillard for Kareem Hunt isn’t the way

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The 2022 season is rapidly approaching for the Philadelphia Eagles, and there still seem to be moves being made left and right, including the addition of safety Jaquiski Tartt. The possibility of even more moves between now and the start of the new season seems likely, if not inevitable, as Philadelphia general manager Howie Roseman continues his standout offseason.

Fans and media alike are speculating about what these moves may be, and one that consistently comes forward is a deal involving the Eagles’ former first-round pick and offensive lineman Andre Dillard. This is nothing new for Dillard, who has been connected in trade rumors since his fall out of the starting lineup subsequent to the rise of Jordan Mailata.

The constant deal that continues to rear its head is the concept of trading Andre Dillard to the Cleveland Browns. In return, Philadelphia would receive running back Kareem Hunt. Often, this rumor even includes the Eagles sending draft compensation in addition to Dillard, but frankly, this isn’t the way for Philadelphia.

Trading away a starting-caliber tackle like Andre Dillard for a running back, even Kareem Hunt doesn’t make sense for the Philadelphia Eagles.

This isn’t to say that the Eagles wouldn’t be interested in dealing the young tackle; they’ve proven that they have listened to offers in the past. There are two major questions at hand. First, the Eagles have to decide if Kareem Hunt is enough of a return to trade Andre Dillard. Then, they have to decide if the Cleveland Browns’ running back makes enough of a difference to turn this team into a contender.

For decades the Philadelphia Eagles have prioritized building through the trenches, a concept that secured the team their first Super Bowl. While Andre Dillard is a valuable piece on his own, the Eagles also likely value him higher than most other teams naturally would because of this philosophy.

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