Philadelphia Eagles: Mike Trout likes what Howie Roseman is doing

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Goodness, did anything interesting happen in the world of baseball today?

Like, did some franchise who has been stuck in mediocrity for the better part of a decade finally decide to fire their coach – a coach who has long lost the faith of his fans and even more than a few players? A regular Philadelphia Phillies-type club, if you will.

And what if after firing said coach, there’s no way that franchise’s president would say the team needs a “new voice” only to then hire internally for the role, right?

*sigh* it’d almost be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Hmm… no, though that does sound familiar – read more on it here – that’s not the news I was thinking about. No, the big baseball news of the day was courtesy of Mike Trout, who gave a glowing endorsement of the Philadelphia Eagles‘ offseason.

Mike Trout is a big fan of the Phildelphia Eagles’ offseason.

When asked about the Philadelphia Eagles’ offseason during his media availability, Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout had a lot to say. He appreciated the addition of A.J. Brown, gave Howie Roseman credit for an exemplary draft class, and described his excitement to watched Jalen Hurts and company take the field this fall.

Relevant to the Angels? Eh not really, but as Philly fan, I certainly enjoy it.

Now, as you probably know if you’re reading a Philadelphia sports blog, Mike Trout is a Miles Teller-level homer, at least when it comes to the Philadelphia Eagles. He has season tickets, is friends with more than a few players on the team, and will even catch a game whenever the Birds fly west near his Anaheim home area.

Considering the current state of Philadelphia sports as a whole – though I still believe in the Sixers – at least Trout should have an exciting product to watch this fall.

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Are the Philadelphia Phillies doomed? Can they ever break this curse of mediocrity and not in a “bottom up and blow it all up”-sort of way? Only time will tell, things aren’t looking too promising but hey, that can change. Fortunately fans, Mike Trout included, can at least look forward to the Philadelphia Eagles, who are projected to be a Top-10 team by Peter King this year. Thats… something right?