Philadelphia Phillies Rumors: Alec Bohm trade speculation returns

Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports /

It seemed like if the Philadelphia Phillies made it this far with Alec Bohm lined up to play third base for them in 2022 nothing outside of an injury would change things. However, some late offseason Phillies rumors have put Bohm right at the center.

The addition of Nick Castellanos to the Phillies bolstered the lineup but it also led way to some speculation. Seen taking groundballs at third base, Jim Salisbury of NBC Sports Philadelphia has started the onslaught of Phillies rumors centering on a last-minute Bohm trade.

Castellanos is a man without a true position on the Phillies roster. Right field has been his place for the last several years. However, with a background as a third baseman, could we see the Phillies look to improve another part of their Opening Day roster with a Bohm trade?

Philadelphia Phillies rumors about an Alec Bohm trade are pure speculation at this point.

Joe Girardi is probably enjoying the frenzy of trade chatter about Bohm in these two minutes to midnight for the 2022 season opener. He says we shouldn’t “make too much of it” and brushed it off as Castellanos doing regular work.

I tend to think Girardi’s words are true. If you’ve ever made it to a game during batting practice, you wouldn’t begin to think every relief pitcher on the team was trying out to become an outfielder, would you? Fielding groundballs at third base could simply be to give the Phillies an idea of what Castellanos can do at the position. It’s also a way to get a nice workout in. The last time I hopped on my exercise bike, nobody thought I was going out for the Tour de France.

The timing of these Phillies rumors will have a lot of us wondering exactly what it is the team could get in return for Bohm at this point. A young corner infielder with some promising numbers in the past, he’d be unlikely to headline a deal for much more than a veteran on a poor or expiring contract. A center field upgrade may feel a little late in the game with Odubel Herrera and Matt Vierling sharing duties. They could try to swing a trade to upgrade the starting rotation or maybe add a bullpen piece. The latter would only work if they’re getting a very good player back.

The Phillies were one of the offseason’s more productive teams and have willing to spend money. Something they haven’t done is make a notable trade. We can blame this on limited resources.

Trading Bohm now, outside of upgrading in a major way at one of the positions, would be a bit unwise. The Phillies have a pretty deep lineup at the moment and while we can doubt Bohm’s abilities, the upside remains.

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It’s more probable we can file these late March Phillies rumors into the overreaction category. Nonetheless, it can’t hurt to shop him around.