3 Philadelphia Phillies players who have proven we can trust them

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Trust is important in any relationship. The one between players and fans matters almost as the one between two spouses. The Philadelphia Phillies have done a lot to make us question our trust in them. However, the current roster does have three guys I think we can continue to put our faith in.

Three guys on a 26-man roster isn’t a whole lot. Even if we extend it to the front office and the coaching staff, trust is minimal. The club has not met expectations over the last few seasons. Heading into 2022, these are the only players who have proven we can believe in them.

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2021 NL MVP Bryce Harper has earned the trust of the Phillies fan

Bryce Harper’s time with the Phillies has been good, but up until 2021, there were some who wanted more. His first season with the club in 2019 had a couple of rough patches to the point where impatient fans in Philly were ready to turn on him and claim the organization spent too much money on a single player.

Well, this all changes when he wins the 2021 National League MVP.

Some fans will never be pleased, but when Harper manages to capture the league’s best player award on a team barely above .500, you have to tip your cap to him. Harper has been a deadly weapon at the plate during his three seasons with the club. There aren’t too many hitters in the league you’d want at the plate with the game on the line.

Although the difference he can make hasn’t translated into the standings, Harper is doing his job. Those who still have a little bit of distrust may have bought too heavily into his reputation—which, even after winning two MVPs, might be a little overblown. Harper is athletic, exciting, and a one-of-a-kind hitter. Hyped from an early age, there are times when his abilities are, indeed, overrated.

This doesn’t change the fact that he’s one of the best outfielders in the game and a guy with the ability to continue to grow as a player. Even just a little more help in the lineup and Harper’s 2021 MVP season would have been even better than it was.