Philadelphia Eagles: Jalen Hurts’ numbers explain his Pro Bowl status

(Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images) /

In a move that surely won’t be incredibly polarizing, the NFL has announced Pro Bowl alternates just in case one or more players aren’t able to attend/take part in the festivities.

That’s right, after more than a few worthy players – I’m looking at you, Javon Hargrave – were snubbed in favor of less worthy players (more on that here), the NFL has offered up a possible collection of replacement players who could still earn a gold P on their resume, and potentially earn a few extra bucks, depending on the specific language written into their contracts.

The results? Well, as of now, nothing but if Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, or Kyler Murray can’t go, we could be talking about Jalen Hurts, Pro Bowl quarterback come early 2022, in addition to five other Philadelphia Eagles players, who have been named alternates for the game.

But wait, I thought Jalen Hurts was bad? How is he an injury, illness, or Super Bowl trip away from the Pro Bowl? Well, because the Philadelphia Eagles’ QB1 has a very unique style of play tailor-made for these sorts of awards.

Jalen Hurts is a unique yard earner for the Philadelphia Eagles.

If you play fantasy football, you clearly know a thing or two about Jalen Hurts’ unique ability to pick up offensive yards.

Sure, Hurts isn’t the most polished passer in the NFL, both in terms of physical tools and in his on-field development, and he only ranks 23rd league-wide in total passing yards, but when you factor in his unique abilities as a runner, the former OklaBama star is in rarified air as an offensive weapon.

Through the first 15 weeks of the season, Hurts ranks 17th in rushing yards and fourth in rushing touchdowns behind only Jonathan Taylor, James Conner, and Joe Mixon. He ranks second among rushing quarterbacks in terms of on-the-ground yards behind only Lamar Jackson and has eight more touchdowns than the former league MVP in only one more game played.

Throw that all together, and Hurts ranks 12th league-wide in total offensive yards and has been responsible for 24 total touchdowns, which ranks 12th in total touchdowns, which aren’t exactly 2019 Lamar Jackson’s numbers, where he amassed 4,333 total yards and 43 touchdowns, but is certainly good enough to garner some Pro Bowl consideration, even if a few players like Matthew Stafford arguably have a better case for an alternate spot.

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To some, Jalen Hurts will never be good enough to be the Philadelphia Eagles’ long-term answer at quarterback. They feel he doesn’t go through his progressions well/fast enough, lacks elite arm talents, and just generally doesn’t present a high-enough ceiling to justify not pursuing a trade for Russell Westbrook or the drafting of a quarterback like Pitt Pathers quarterback Kenny Pickett. For many of these folks, the only way their minds will change is to see Hurts take massive strides on the field seemingly overnight, or better yet, not to see him do so, since some would rather see him on another team entirely. But to the rest of us, who are either fans of Hurts specifically or just of the Eagles in general, seeing the second-year quarterback get some shine for his on-field abilities is a nice surprise, even if nothing ultimately comes out of it. With a bit of luck and an offseason of development, maybe this will be his first of many Pro Bowl considerations.