Philadelphia Eagles: DeVonta Smith has a wonderful pre-game breakfast

Superstitions are a funny thing, especially in the wide world of sports.

Fans will sit in specific spots on a couch, watch a game on mute with the radio on, turn their caps inside out, or even leave the room in order to spark a comeback.

And, to their credit, players do it too.

From playoff beards, to wearing the same socks/shoes/underwear in the middle of a streak, there isn’t a player in any league, association, or club who doesn’t have some sort of routine they like to go through before taking the field/court/ice for a game.

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith is no exception, and his game-day routine of choice involves a very specific order from one of the most easily accessible restaurants in the world.

Hit up McDonald’s before the next Philadelphia Eagles game and ask for the “Smitty Special.”

For one reason or another, people love asking NFL players about food around Thanksgiving, probably because of the spicy takes such questions generate.

Mac Jones, for example, doesn’t like any of the pies. Matt Judon thinks mac and cheese is disgusting, and Jordan Mailata, plus Philadelphia Eagles beat writer Mike Kaye, prefers chicken over turkey.

When asked about his Thanksgiving plans, DeVonta Smith was actually pretty forthcoming. His Mom isn’t in town, so he’ll be cooking for himself and plans to whip up some ham, mac, and cheese – sorry Matt Judon – and a sweet potato pie – which is an incredibly underrated desert, in my humble opinion.

But I don’t want to talk too much more on that topic. Thanksgiving, while fun, only comes once a year, whereas there are now at least 17 Philadelphia Eagles games each season, with three more preseason contests and the potential for a few more, if Nick Sirianni can get the team back into the playoffs.

Smith has a fun routine for that one too, and it takes a whole lot less time to procure than a Thanksgiving ham, mac and cheese, and sweet potato pie, even if you simply purchase the Patti Labelle variety from the store.

On game days, specifically home game days, Smith likes to drive over to McDonald’s – before 10:30, of course – to purchase a McGriddle, two hashbrowns, and an orange juice. While Smitty didn’t explicitly identify which McGriddle he prefers in his quote, via Eagles Nation, as McDonald’s offers the different varieties of the dish – bacon, egg, and cheese, sausage, egg, and cheese, and just sausage – it’s hard to argue with grabbing some breakfast food sandwiched between two pancakes and enough Vitamin C to supercharge an afternoon of football as anything other than a win.

And the best part? Since the meal costs less than $10 combined, anyone can get in on Smith’s breakfast of championship on game days or even on non-game days, depending on your affinity for the Golden Arches.

The official breakfast of the Philadelphia Eagles is Dunkin’ Donuts, a Massachusetts company that once endorsed Tom Brady. That feels wrong. While I like Dunkin’ as much as the next guy, more so their donuts than their coffee, that never sat right with me, especially with Wawa now selling Taylor Ham pork roll breakfast sandwiches. If you want to hit up Dunkin’ for a free coffee, feel free, but why not skip the Munchkins and instead swing over to McDonald’s for the “Smitty Special?” To paraphrase the Eagles’ WR1, gotta have it.