Philadelphia Eagles: Lane Johnson is officially heading back to Philly

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Welp, it’s official: Lane Johnson has announced his return to the Philadelphia Eagles after two weeks away from the team.

I know; crazy, right? It’s only mid-October, and yet it feels like Christmas has come early to the City of Brotherly Love.

The news, broken by the man himself, came along with a very touching personal statement about his fights with both depression and anxiety and his eagerness to re-join his teammates and coaches.

Putting aside how this benefits the Philadelphia Eagles moving forward just for a moment, this is fantastic news for Lane Johnson as a person.

Lane Johnson’s return is a bright spot of the Philadelphia Eagles’ 2021 season.

Out of fear of burying the lede, here is Lane Johnson’s full quote for those who didn’t see it.

For a man not particularly known for having a Jason Kelce-esque mastery of the mic/pen, that is one heck of an empowering statement.

As someone who has struggled harshly from both anxiety and depression, anytime a professional athlete, especially one who plays for a Philly team, comes out and opens up about their own struggles, it’s incredibly appreciated. Seeing that someone in such a prestigious position has battled with similar issues can help to normalize a universal struggle many face but few bring to the forefront.

If this just helps one kid who feels alone, that’s a major victory in my book.

On the field, Johnson’s return is also incredibly appreciated, as he unquestionably remains one of the team’s better players.

Despite showing out fairly well over the past few weeks considering the circumstances, Jordan Mailata really is more of a left tackle than a right one and will be afforded an opportunity to return to the position he’s getting paid the big bucks to play once Johnson returns to the field.

With Johnson under contract through 2025 and Andre Dillard heading back to the bench, could Howie Roseman parlay the latter’s strong showcase on the left side into a mid-season trade with a tackle-needy team? I mean, this certainly isn’t the time or place to discuss that, but it certainly is a situation to monitor.

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So Lane Johnson, welcome back to the Philadelphia Eagles. I think I can fairly confidently speak for the entire fanbase in saying that we are over the moon to hear about your return and appreciate your openness about the off-field issues that so many struggle with but few have the courage to open up about. Like Brandon Brooks before you, that makes you a legend in my book.