Philadelphia 76ers: Charles Bassey leaks new Spectrum-inspired jersey

(Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)
(Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Welp, Charles Bassey has only technically been a member of the Philadelphia 76ers for less than a week now, and he’s already paying massive dividends for fans in the City of Brotherly Love; $2 million well spent indeed.

On Monday, September 27th, aka media day for all 30 of the NBA’s teams, Charles Bassey was minding his business and enjoying his first official day as a member of the Sixers. He surely checked out the facilities, took some photos with his new teammates, and collected his jerseys for the season.

What, dare I ask, do young folks typically do when they have exciting new experiences to share? Well, they share it on social media, duh.

Now normally, that isn’t that big of a deal. Plenty of the Sixers’ new players have posted in their new digs, had fun with the media assembled in the facility and digitally, and even made jokes at the expense of Danny Green. But where Bassey may have messed up ever so slightly is “accidentally” including an as-of-yet-unreleased Philadelphia 76ers jersey design inspired by the old Spectrum.

Did the team intend to debut their new alternative uniform – City Edition or otherwise – via their 15th man who doesn’t even have 5,000 followers on Twitter? I’m not really sure, but I’ve gotta say, the jersey is pretty, pretty, pretty good.

The Philadelphia 76ers land another solid jersey option in 2020-21.

To my knowledge, the Philadelphia 76ers have never worn a navy blue uniform.

Sure, they’ve gone with a variety of different shades of blue, with some of their 70s uniforms featuring a particularly dark shade of royal blue, but since transitioning from the Syracuse Nationals to the Philadelphia 76ers in 1963, Navy has only been a complementary color in the team’s official palette.

Well, until now.

That’s right, if the jersey Charles Bassey leaked is, in fact, legitimate, the Sixers will be sporting a jersey that would make the old-time Denver Nuggets proud in that it’s bright, multi-dimensional, and features a number of atypical swatches of color.

Want a better look? Fortunately, our friends over at Unimockups have a full-on approximation of the two leaked jerseys that look darn good.

See what I mean? That’s “dop” indeed.

Now, for the eagle-eyed observer with a keen knowledge of Philadelphia sports history – or you just read the comments section – you may recognize the red, orange, green, and blue lines descending under the arms of the jersey from the old 76ers logo at the Spectrum. While the Sixers haven’t played at the CoreStates/First Union/Wachovia Spectrum since the 1995-96 season, and the venue was ultimately demolished about a decade ago, it remains a well-appreciated part of the city’s sports history.

So, since the City Edition uniform has been introduced, the Sixers have honored their past, Rocky, Boathouse Row, the Constitution, and the Spectrum. While it isn’t the uniform everyone has been waiting to be reissued, as the black and gold “Allen Iverson” uniform has maddeningly remained locked away in the vault, this one is certainly better than the “Earned Edition” Liberty Bell look that was haphazardly introduced midway through the 2020-21 season.

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What do you think? Are you a fan of the Spectrum color scheme, or would you prefer something a bit more Hip-Hop-adjacent? Who knows, give Charles Bassey another week, and he may accidentally debut that one too.