Philadelphia Eagles: An incomplete list of things to do sans Sunday football

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On a typical Sunday, football fans in the City of Brotherly Love root for two different teams: The Philadelphia Eagles and whoever is playing the Dallas Cowboys.

But what happens when the team playing “America’s Team” is, in fact, the Eagles, and the game is scheduled for the brighter national lights of Monday Night Football?


Well, I guess one could always watch the Keystone State’s other professional football team… unless you live in the central part of the state, where the game is being blacked out due to the league’s bizarre scheduling rules.

So what does that leave a Philly football fan to do? Watch the somehow-still-nameless Washington Football Team take on the Buffalo Bills? Or how about the Baltimore Ravens play Detroit in a game that may not ultimately feature Lamar Jackson. Do you turn your 1 pm football brunch into a 4 pm early birds special when ex-Eagle DeSean Jackson and the high-flying Los Angeles Rams take on Tom Brady and the “Tompa Bay” Buccaneers? Or wait until it gets dark to see Kerryon Johnson potentially make his debut for the 49ers at home against the Green Bay Packers (more on that here).

*sigh* this is going to turn into a day of doom scrolling “Ben Simmons trade rumors” on Twitter, isn’t it?

Well fear not, for there are plenty of things to do on a Sunday without Philadelphia Eagles football, some of which may just get you even more pumped up for Monday night.

An incomplete list of things to do sans Sunday Philadelphia Eagles football.

Do you live between Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Cherry Hill, New Jersey? If so, you can stop by the Philadelphia Eagles Pro Shop and stock up on swag for the game. Between you and me, the store sells non-current jerseys at steep discounts, so you might just be able to swing in and buy a number 2 Jalen Hurts jersey on the cheap that could serve as a fun conversation piece a few years down the line.

Or maybe you aren’t a jersey person. That’s cool. Maybe you’re more of a foodie. If so, may I suggest this recipe for Full Bo Ssäm by celebrity chef David Chang from the Momofuku food empire? Sure, you can buy a Full Bo Ssäm straight from the source via Goldbelly for $269, but you can also make it yourself for a fraction of a price over a six-hour cooking window, and believe you me, it tastes darn good.

Like food generally and David Chang specifically but don’t want to go to the butcher shop, buy something called “Boston pork butt” and cook for your whole afternoon? Well, you could always watch one of Chang’s shows on Netflix instead, be that The Mind of a Chef, Ugly Delicious, or his newest show, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

… what’s that? You’re more of a narrative fiction sort of person? Well, a short skip away in the same general pallet is the movie Chef. It’s written, directed, and stars Jon Favreau between his time in the MCU and making the new Lion King and is a delightful romp about, well, about a chef. It also, funny enough, has a cooking show called The Chef Show on Netflix that features David Chang on the episode “David Chang.”

See, look at that; things have come full circle.

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Look, these are just suggestions. You may choose to simply watch other football, cook other food, or maybe even shoot scenes for your own movie on this rare Sunday free of Philadelphia Eagles football. You can relax, exercise, chill, paint a deck, really, whatever you please; all that matters is that you tune in on Monday night and root extra hard for the Birds to beat Dallas on the national stage. And hey, if you happen to catch the game in person, try one of David Chang’s “Fuku” chicken sandwiches, which at least were sold at the Linc by section 114 as of August 2018. Boom, full circle x2; nailed it.