Philadelphia Flyers Hall of Fame: Candidate Power Rankings

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Lou Nolan

In my mind, there is no debate to be had. I’ve laid my argument out before in this article from 2018, and I still feel the same way. If you’ve attended any Flyers games at either the Spectrum or the Wells Fargo Center over the last 50 years, Lou has been there. He’s the first voice you hear when you arrive and the last one on the way out, hopefully as he’s announcing three Flyers as the Stars of the Game.

Lou Nolan has been associated longer with the Flyers than Merrill Reese has with the Eagles or Harry Kalas was with the Phillies. And while I do acknowledge that there is a difference between TV/radio broadcasting and in-arena work, Lou’s longevity and professionalism demand that he be the very next person to be inducted into the Flyers Hall of Fame.

This has been an oversight by the team for many years, although I do leave room for the possibility that Lou himself has declined the honor.

But it’s time.

Not to sound overly morbid, but the man is 75 years old. I certainly hope he provides the soundtrack at Flyers game for many more years to come, but let’s be practical here.

Give Lou his due.


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