Philadelphia Flyers Hall of Fame: Candidate Power Rankings

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Bob Kelly

There’s nothing wrong with Bob Kelly. He carved out a nice career playing to his strengths on the ice, and he has been a fixture in the Flyers organization in the decades since his retirement. He’s been a good ambassador for the game of hockey, and you’ve seen him helping to honor community teammates at Flyers games for years.

Still, as a non-oldhead Flyers fan, I can’t think of a less exciting pick.

Much the same way that the Phillies feel the need to honor everyone involved with the 1980 championship team, right down to the hot dog vendors, the Flyers cling to those back-to-back Cups for dear life. And while that’s admirable to some degree, enough is enough.

I’d wager that about two-thirds of Flyers fans weren’t alive to see those titles, and we’re way over it. We appreciate the legends like Parent and Clarke, but stop telling us about old guys who probably weren’t as good as Scott Laughton.

Again, I appreciate the Hound’s place in Flyers history. And I know that his impact goes beyond what he did on the ice for the team so many years ago. I just think he’s fine where he is.