Philly Sports: Some recent athletes you should dislike

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Philadelphia Eagles, Alshon Jeffrey
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Alshon Jeffery

I never thought we’d get to the point that an important contributor from a championship-winning team in this city ever fell out of favor so much, but here we are.

Alshon “Anonymous Source” Jeffery was everything that the Eagles needed in 2017, hauling in nine touchdowns during the regular season and then producing three scores and 219 yards receiving over three games in the playoffs as the Eagles marched their way to Super Bowl glory. This is a guy who’d never have to buy a drink in this town again.

But right now this Bird (who is still tenuously on the roster) has fallen just about as far as possible. It probably all started with his costly drop in the playoffs against New Orleans last year, an awful play that normally would have gotten a player crucified in this town. Luckily for him, Jeffery was still coasting on good will thanks to the Super Bowl win the year before.

Things really ratcheted up in 2019 as Jeffery dealt with injury and also (allegedly) caused the kind of locker room discord that had fans choosing sides. Now it appears that there’s no way that the Eagles can bring him back for 2020 even though Howie Roseman gave him a guaranteed contract just last year. This whole situation sure devolved in a hurry.