Philly Sports: Some recent athletes you should dislike

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Philadelphia Phillies, Pat Neshek
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Pat Neshek

Did you remember that Neshek was the Phillies’ all-star representative in 2017? Or that they traded him to Colorado before the deadline that year, only to re-sign him after the season? Man, that all seems like ancient history now.

All of those memories have been washed away because of Neshek’s second stint with the Phillies, one that saw him manage to pitch just 42.1 innings over two years, which really has made the team re-think its philosophy of signing veteran bullpen arms like his. His brittle body endured the following:

The final straw with this guy came when he wouldn’t go into a tight game because he couldn’t get loose in the bullpen. It made you wonder why he was still masquerading as a baseball player at that point. Good riddance.