Philadelphia Eagles: Dan Orlovsky really really likes Carson Wentz

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While the mainstream media is all too eager to question Carson Wentz, the Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback has found a champion in ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky.

You don’t have to be from Philly to be a fan of Philly sports. You don’t have to be born here, go to high school here, or even attend college here.

Dan Orlovsky is a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, and more specifically of their quarterback, Carson Wentz.

Take, if you will, this video shot in partnership with Draft Kings and the United Way to help rally against COVID-19. Notice anything familiar in-frame? While Orlovsky is wearing a University of Connecticut hoodie, his alma mater, and a Detroit Lions hat, the team he notoriously ran out of the endzone while playing for, his four children are all wearing number 11 Eagles jerseys – in a variety of different colors no less.

So, with this in mind, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Orlovsky swung hard for his guy on ESPN this morning, even if it drew the ire of some of his coworkers and a large swash of football Twitter.

Allow me to elaborate. In a recent segment on ESPN’s First Take dedicated to identifying the best quarterbacks in the NFC, Orlovsky placed Wentz fourth among qualifying signal-callers, one spot higher than Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. This shook some, like First Take’s Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith, the wrong way, so much so that he had Orlovsky come on his show to defend his opinion and take a few solid minutes of unabashed Wentz slander.

Okay, ‘unabashed’ may be a tad harsh, but I’ll let you be the judge by watching it here.

Not quite done with his crusade to defend the honor of ‘The Bismark Bullet’, Orlovsky took to Twitter a few hours later and delivered his thoughts on the subject in one clear, concise, um, tweet.

Kind of hard to argue with those numbers, but just in case someone wants to, let’s dig into them a little bit.

In 2019, Wentz had a statistically down season as a whole, and a down season when compared to Rodgers and his new-look Green Bay Packers. This may be because of the addition of 40-year-old Sean McVay disciple Matt LaFleur, who lead his team to a 13-3 record as a first-time head coach but could just as well be because Wentz threw passes to 17 different pass catchers, and suffered through six games where he had less than 100 yards from his wideouts.

Yeah, something tells me that would make it a lot harder to succeed.

When viewing their careers from a more macro lens, over a three-year period, Orlovsky is on point that Wentz has the edge in seemingly every single passing category.

Let’s be honest, Orlovsky is probably also dishing out a little extra love for Wentz because of the propensity for the talking head of the ‘Worldwide Leader in Sports’ to question over and over again whether the Eagles would be better off with Nick Foles or Wentz under center on a full-time basis, even suggesting that the team should have reacquired the former from Jacksonville when he became available earlier this month.

Orlovsky, and by extension, his children, clearly have their favorite.

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Maybe Dan Orlovsky caught a bit of the Philadelphia Eagles bug when he moved to the City of Brotherly Love after his professional playing days were through in 2017, but whatever the reason, I’m personally glad to have him on board the bandwagon moving forward.