Philly Sports: Each local team’s worst jersey this century

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Eagles: 75th anniversary threads

Don’t worry, I’m not using this whole slideshow as an excuse to dump on Kelly Green again. I think I’ve already made my point there. Midnight Green is straight up better. Instead, I’m singling out these one-time throwbacks.

On September 23, 2007 against the Detroit Lions, the Eagles busted out these things to commemorate their 75th anniversary. Yes, this was the Birds’ look way back in the beginning. But did we really need these? Did football even allow forward passes back then? “Old and original” doesn’t mean better.

The Eagles won that game in blowout fashion, so you will occasionally see clips from it in some team highlight packages, And once in a while you’ll see some bozo on the street wearing one because they “looked cool on the rack at Modell’s.

Since they were worn for a very specific occasion, we don’t have to worry about seeing them again. Although, would the Eagles don them once more for their 100th anniversary? We’ll find out in 12 years.

Dishonorable Mention: There’s not a lot to choose from here, but I’ve always found it underwhelming when the Eagles wear all white. Credit to them for finding a way to make a preseason game against the Jaguars even less exciting.