Philly Sports: Each local team’s worst jersey this century

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Our Philly sports teams have shown some strong looks over the years, but that doesn’t mean that each local club has been exempt from some bad jerseys during that time.

When news of an uninspiring new logo for the Los Angeles Rams leaked recently, the first reaction of Philadelphia fans (other than pointing and laughing) should have been relief that we don’t have to deal with such things. While the local clubs have tinkered over the years, the looks of Philly’s teams are all recognizable and established brands in their respective sports.

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We haven’t seen any uniforms to accompany the Rams’ new logo yet, but the sports mind in all of us naturally makes the leap from team symbol to how the players on said team will look on the field/court/ice once they are fully outfitted with their club’s symbols and colors. There are the standard looks at home and on the road, alternate unis, and even some nods to team history or one-offs for special occasions.

With that in mind, we’re taking a look back on this century in Philadelphia sports (twenty years already!) to see what jerseys have stood out for each of our four local teams. But we’re not going for style here. Instead, we’re singling out the looks that are notable for being the worst that each team has sported over the last couple of decades. And while they’re not as bad as some of the other threads we’ve seen across sports, most of these should definitely be confined to the dustbin of Philly sports history.