Philadelphia Flyers: 4 players who’ve made “the leap” this year

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Philadelphia Flyers
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In honor of February 29, it’s time to recognize a few Philadelphia Flyers who have made big leaps in their game this season.

It’s been a season of progress for the Philadelphia Flyers, as the team looks poised to not only make the playoffs but to provide tough competition for anyone they come up against. As such, a number of players have stood out for their stellar play for the Orange and Black this season.

What better day to discuss some of this season’s key figures than today, February 29?

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Since we only get to celebrate Leap Day once every four years, it’s only appropriate that we choose four players on this Flyers team to shower with a little bit of love for what they’ve managed to accomplish so far this year. The guys on this list have all made big “leaps” this season, and the club is reaping rewards because of it.

Again, we’ve got four players to discuss, but I also cheated a little by giving some “Honorable Mention” nods to other guys who are in the conversation. Hey, you can never have too much of a good thing.

It speaks volumes that there is a positivity around this Flyers club as they hit the home stretch of the regular season. It’s something that’s been sorely lacking for the last several years. But thanks in no small part to the players listed here, it looks like they are on the verge of doing something special. Let’s get to it.