The Flyers finally deserve your attention

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It’s been a long wait (too long), but the Philadelphia Flyers are poised to return to being relevant in the Philly sports scene.

Here’s how I know that the Philadelphia Flyers are for real: Angelo Cataldi actually mentioned them on WIP on Friday morning. And not only that, but he discussed them right away, before the clock on my dash even hit 6:02.

I nearly drove off the road.

It’s long been the lament of the Flyers’ small but fiercely loyal fan base that they get no love in this town. And it’s largely true, although the Flyers have seen the same kind of groundswell of support during their successful times that any team enjoys. Everybody loves a winner.

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The problem is that there hasn’t been any success to speak of for going on a decade. And so the Flyers find themselves buried in the Philly sports basement, a mere curiosity to be dusted off and viewed from time to time, only to be relegated to the darkness once more.

That time is coming to an end.

Look no further than the Flyers’ home-and-home sweep of the Columbus Blue Jackets this week, a pair of pivotal performances with possible postseason potential.

Sorry, I like alliteration.

The Flyers didn’t blow Columbus out of the water, but they won both games, and that’s all that really matters. Just win, baby. It’s what the Philadelphia Eagles did down the stretch this season to fight their way to an unlikely division title. You don’t get points for style, but the Flyers are showing enough grit to make a certain orange guy (thing?) proud.

Now, the Delaware Valley is starting to find itself talking about this hockey team, and it’s dawning on people that the local clubs aren’t mutually exclusive. You can invest your time in the Flyers while still maintaining your devotion to the 76ers. It doesn’t have to be a competition. Well, it is, and the Eagles will likely be on top forever, but the Flyers have a chance here to bring some people back into the fold as well as hooking some newcomers on the Orange and Black and the greater game of hockey.

Since they haven’t won a playoff round since 2012, the Flyers have struggled mightily to remain relevant, only popping up in the greater consciousness via occasions like outdoor games and ongoing mascot shenanigans, for better or worse. Now, two regimes later, it looks like they’ve finally come back around to mattering. There should be an exciting stretch drive to the season coming over the next six weeks, followed by what we can only hope will be a return to some kind of postseason success.

And all the while, you can still get geeked up about the Sixers taking their own shot at a title, the Phillies beginning the Joe Girardi Era and the Eagles doing whatever offseason activities that people can’t get enough of because, hey, GO BIRDS!!!

The Flyers are on the cusp of finally getting some substantially positive attention and coverage. After a long period of being justifiably ignored by many, it’s about time they worked themselves back into the conversation.

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It’s also a good thing that hockey is already played on ice, because if the Flyers continue to actually get discussed on WIP, then it will truly feel like hell has frozen over. And I mean that in a good way.