Philadelphia Eagles: 5 offseason moves Howie Roseman must make

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Cut (or trade) Alshon Jeffery

Alshon Jeffery needs to hit the pike – he and his”anonymous” leaks. It’s no coincidence that after Jeffery suffered a season-ending foot injury, Carson Wentz and his cast of misfit receivers actually improved. The offense as a whole became more efficient and the consecutive winning reiterated the improved play.

Alshon Jeffery


was a good jump-ball receiver. That’s it. His epic touchdown in Super Bowl LII will live in Eagles lure, but that was then and this is now.

Now it’s time for him to go. His declining play alone warrants his release. Add in his toxic, cancerous actions, and he absolutely needs to go. Whether they cut him or trade him, the Eagles are going to have to eat dead money, either $26.1 million or $16.2 million, respectively.

And it’s worth it.

Carson Wentz is the franchise, and the team needs to be built around him. Keeping Alshon around – even with the hefty dead money expense – is worth it to encourage a wide receiver’s room and offense in support of its leader. This was not the case with Alshon around, and bringing him back for another year until the guaranteed money has decreased is still not worth the risk. Howie needs to eat his losses. In this case, it’s dead money and another lesson learned.

The team could attempt to package Jeffery with a mid-round pick in exchange for salary cap relief. It would lessen the blow financially. There is also the potential option of a June 1st cut, so long as the NFL and NFLPA agree on a Collective Bargaining Agreement in time, which would spread out the dead money into multiple years.

Either way, Alshon needs to go!