Philadelphia 76ers: Alec Burks and Glenn Robinson III trade grades

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The Philadelphia 76ers addressed a big need before the trade deadline by acquiring Alec Burks and Glenn Robinson III, but how does it grade out?

The Philadelphia 76ers have been on a downward spiral, and the All-Star break can’t come any sooner. The trade deadline is a time that is for a team just like the Sixers.

They haven’t fulfilled their true potential and need a couple of pieces to get them back on track. Last year they acquired players like Mike Scott, James Ennis III, and Jonathon Simmons to fill out their roster and help their bench.

This year they have acquired Alec Burks and Glenn Robinson III to help provide offense for the bench. Everybody knew what the Sixers needed: a sixth man that could create their own offense to help the dismal bench.

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Philadelphia is ranked 28th in bench scoring and needed a shot creator desperately. They have gotten two. Burks averages 16.1 points per game, and Robinson III averages 12.9 points per game.

Both of these averages are better than anybody on the bench right now for this team. They are good 3 point shooters also. Burks shoots 37.5 percent from three, and Robinson III shoots 40.0 percent.

The best bench player that the Sixers have is Furkan Korkmaz, and 100 percent of his threes are assisted. When he finally plays, Burks will be the best bench player, and only 72.6 percent of his threes are assisted. The bench is getting a facelift and a new identity.

Now the Sixers can send Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Tobias Harris to the bench without the worry of points production.

Burks was going to join the Oklahoma City Thunder and be the sixth man for that team, but Russell Westbrook and Paul George were traded. He decided to join the Golden State Warriors.

Robinson III played for the Sixers in 2014-15 during the Process era. He was a journeyman that has finally found his groove in the NBA. His dad was a complementary piece for Allen Iverson back in the day.

Both of these players are having the best year of their career, and now they get to play for a team that will be in the playoffs. If the Sixers are able to get a shooter, then they will be in even better shape.

This trade is the start of the Philadelphia 76ers ascension in the Eastern Conference standings.

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Grade: B+