Philadelphia Eagles: LeSean McCoy is officially inactive for the Super Bowl

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After some initial speculation, ex-Philadelphia Eagles lead rusher LeSean McCoy will spend his Super Bowl debut inactive on the sideline.

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan begrudgingly tuning in to this year’s Super Bowl, there isn’t much to be overly excited about.

Sure, Andy Reid will be pacing up and down the sidelines feverishly forcing himself not to burn a time out, but he hasn’t been with the Eagles in almost a decade, and will forever go down as a Kansas City Chief if he can defeat the San Francisco 49ers in Miami.

I guess an overly eager Eagles fan could use this game, the last meaningful NFL contest until September, to scout potential free agents, like Sammy Watkins, or Arik Armstead, but who is to say whether either player will even be available?

No, for a fan like myself, who remembers watching the Eagles play in the Super Bowl as an elementary schooler, the biggest reason to tune into the game was to see LeSean McCoy make his debut on the game’s biggest stage.

Unfortunately, that won’t happen.

Now granted, this isn’t necessarily new news, as rumors of his inactivity started to swirl the night prior – Super Bowl Eve if you will – but nothing was official.

Now it is.

To call McCoy a star for the Chiefs is simply untrue, as he’s transitioned into more of a part-time player at this point in his career, but even at 31-years-old he’s far from a scrub.

While McCoy’s 2019 season was by far his least productive as a pro, he still started nine games for the Cheifs during the regular season and amassed 465 yards on 101 attempts. Admittedly, that’s a rather paltry sum for a player who once eclipsed 1,600 in 16 games, but it’s only 33 fewer than KC’s leading rusher Damien Williams, who earned the Super Bowl start.

Even rookie sixth-round pick Darwin Thompson is active for the big game and he’s combined for 47 touches over 14 games.

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Will LeSean McCoy still earn a ring if the Kansas City Chiefs pull the game out? Totally, but for a competitor like number 25, it’ll certainly come with a big ole asterisk since he didn’t, ya know, play. Shady back to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2020 confirmed? I’d like to see it.