Philadelphia 76ers: 3 reasons not to trade Al Horford

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Philadelphia 76ers
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Trade Value

As crazy as it sounds, another reason why the Philadelphia 76ers shouldn’t trade Al Horford is his current trade value, or should I say lack thereof.

While there are certainly general managers who would love to have Horford on their team in 2020, his four-year contract, age, and declining production makes his perceived value hard to determine.

Could the 76ers trade Horford for Kevin Love? Probably, but does that make the team better? What about my personal favorite, Chris Paul, who is in the middle of a career renaissance of sorts in OKC? That too is possible, but Philly would probably have to include an asset to even get a deal done.

Simply put, if the 76ers are going to optimize Horford’s value over the back half of the 2019-20 season, it will come with the 6-foot-9 center on the court in a red, white, or blue jersey.

A noted student of the game, Horford is considered one of the more adaptable players in the league. If given an opportunity to play serious minutes with the 76ers’ starting five, an opportunity that has become increasingly rare due to a steady stream of injuries, Horford should be able to find his spot on the team and rebound his value going into the offseason.