Carson Wentz will be just fine in long run for Eagles

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Despite some of the struggles from this season, Carson Wentz will be just fine in the long run for the Philadelphia Eagles at quarterback.

After recently losing for the fourth time in six games, the pressure is beginning to heat up for the Philadelphia Eagles, especially when it comes to Carson Wentz under center.

Whether it seems unfair or not, Wentz continues to receive a majority of the blame for the struggles on offense with the Eagles in 2019 to the point where some fans wonder if he’s even the right answer in the long run.

Philadelphia felt confident enough back in the offseason that rewarding Wentz with a four-year, $128 million extension now that he finally seemed healthy enough to help the Eagles continue to be a serious threat within the NFC.

But between DeSean Jackson being out since Week 2 due to an injury along with recent injuries to other players like Alshon Jeffery and Jordan Howard, it’s been difficult for Wentz to get any consistency going on the offensive side of the football.

Take a look at the previous two games for example when Philadelphia’s defense did a phenomenal job holding the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks to just 17 points each, yet this still wasn’t enough since the offense combined for just 19 points.

Clearly, the results most likely would have been much different if Wentz had his usual weapons to work with, which is part of the reason why some of the recent criticism seems unfair for the Eagles quarterback.

Yes, Wentz deserves blame for the four turnovers from Sunday’s loss to the Seahawks, and there’s no reason anyone should even try to defend this since part of his job as quarterback is to protect the football.

However, Philadelphia fans would most likely forgive Wentz if the Eagles find a way to take advantage of their favorable remaining schedule, and earn a trip to the playoffs by winning the NFC East over the Dallas Cowboys.

If not, well then if Eagles fans are really looking for someone to blame over some of the struggles on offense from this season, look no further than the front office since the argument can be made they should have been more aggressive before the deadline to fill the void left by Jackson.

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Either way, as frustrating as the last few weeks have been to watch, fans should wait until Wentz actually has a fully healthy unit to work with before criticizing their quarterback, because some of these factors are clearly out of his control.