Philadelphia Phillies: 10 worst losses of the 2019 season

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Philadelphia Phillies
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1. Aug. 23: Marlins 19, Phillies 11

Any loss to the Marlins is a bad loss. They are a minor league team and a terrible franchise in every way.

But that didn’t stop the Phillies from experiencing the top stinker of the year while wearing the awful “players weekend” jerseys on a Friday night in Miami in front of an announced crowd of 9,065.

The Phillies built a 7-0 lead by the third inning, yet Vince Velasquez gave it all back in short order as the Marlins went single-single-hit by pitch-single-single-home run, all in a span of 18 pitches to tie the game and chase Vinny from the mound.

Guess Gabe should have kept him in left field, right?.

After the Phils seemingly recovered to take a 9-7 lead, they unimaginably allowed the Marlins to score 12 runs over the next four innings. The final result was a 19-11 loss for the Phillies, one that you simply can’t come back from.

It was the worst loss of the season and maybe the worst of the decade for a team in serious need of restructuring this offseason.

Not all losses are created equal, and the 2019 Phillies reminded us of that time and time again this year. Let’s just hope that they learned something from all of the losses that they piled up.

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And don’t hold your breath for a “10 best wins” list anytime soon, since Philadelphia has some work to do before that can even be considered to take place.